Job Demands Analysis (JDA)

A JDA is a quantitative, objective summary of the physical and cognitive demands of a job. This may also be termed a Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) if only the physical component is quantified. It can be used for:

  • Job Match - Cross referencing the requirements of a job relative to a worker’s limitations
  • Inclusion with Job Postings
  • Providing Health Care Providers (e.g. physiotherapists, physicians) with an overview of a job so that they can tailor their treatment plans accordingly
  • Determining modified work tasks for a worker with physical limitations (i.e. returning to work following a work or non-work related injury)
  • Submitting to the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) to assist with claim adjudication or return to work planning
  • Submission to 3rd party insurance providers to assist with developing return to work plans following Long Term Disability
  • The basis of an ergonomic analysis of the risks for injury

JDAs typically require a half day on site to interview worker(s), observe, measure and photograph the essential duties of the job and another half day to create the report.