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Introducing Injury Prevention Plus

Injury Prevention Plus is an industry leader in office and industrial ergonomics in the Ottawa area. We offer a broad range of services including training, job demands analysis, return to work assessments and corporate programs.

The PLUS of IPP reflects the depth of experience and expertise we bring to our clients. Our physiotherapy skills enhance our services and clients have frequently chosen us for this reason. For more than 25 years we have been providing office and industrial assessments over a broad range of work environments in a cost effective and comprehensive manner. We make every effort to remain up to date with current ergonomic trends and equipment. The entire IPP team is committed to providing a high level of customer service.

photo of Wendy O'Connor

Wendy O'Connor, Partner

A Dalhousie University Physiotherapy graduate, Wendy worked for 14 years as a clinical physiotherapist before establishing IPP in 1993. She is a registered physiotherapist and a member of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA). She has an extensive range of experience in the field of office and industrial ergonomics.

  • Wendy honed her skills as a Return to Work Specialist at Nylene Canada where she’s worked since 1998 assessing employee injuries, developing modified work programs, analyzing the work and connecting the industry, medical community and WSIB. In this role she has assisted Nylene Canada in significantly reducing costly lost time injuries and developing a culture of wellness.
  • She has been involved in the ergonomic analysis of a variety of equipment and tasks across a broad range of work environments. This has included working closely with the City of Ottawa’s Paramedics Services reviewing stretchers, stair chairs and infant incubator decks for air ambulance transfers. Work has also included ergonomic analyses in the dairy and pharmaceutical industries. These analyses help direct purchases of ergonomically sound equipment for injury risk reduction and the implementation of safe work practices.
  • Wendy has worked with various Government departments reviewing existing injury management programs & developing structures for Internal Ergonomics Programs. These programs are designed to ensure compliance with legislation and ergonomic guidelines and define roles, responsibilities, objectives and targets for reducing and managing musculoskeletal problems.
  • Over the years, Wendy has spoken at numerous professional conferences including the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s National Convention, Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA), The Ontario Dental Association, BASF Best Practices Conference, Canadian Orthopedic Symposium, WSIB’s sponsored Industry sessions on 'Best Practices' and an international Dental Surgeon’s Conference in Vancouver.
  • Wendy has delivered a variety of Injury Prevention and 'Ergo Coach' training courses to local businesses and government departments such as DND, CIHR and the NCC. These interactive courses teach a basic level of ergonomic assessment skills and knowledge to onsite ergo coaches and employees.

Cheryl Witoski, Partner

Cheryl is a graduate of Queen’s University’s School of Rehabilitation Therapy (Physiotherapy). She is registered physiotherapist and a member of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA). Cheryl developed a broad range of clinical experience prior to establishing IPP in 1993. Since 1997 she has headed up the Ergonomics Services team for the City of Ottawa and has worked closely with Canadian Blood Services (CBS) since 2000 where she continues to provide ongoing ergonomics consultation for return to work cases. Cheryl is fluently bilingual.

  • Developed and delivered train-the-trainer (Office Ergonomics and general Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention) programs for the Canadian Blood Services and other public and private sector organizations.
  • Worked as a Return to Work Specialist for the City of Ottawa and the Canadian Blood Services carrying out Job Demands Analyses (JDAs) and cross referencing job demands with worker’s limitations. This work requires close collaboration with Occupational Health Nurses and Worker’s Compensation Coordinators to review files and conduct job site visits to facilitate successful return to work.
  • Developed Canadian Blood Services’ national office ergonomics product standards and office standards for seating and ergonomic products for the City of Ottawa. This has involved working with purchasing personnel and suppliers to ensure selection of ergonomically sound products.
  • Conducted numerous ergonomic analyses of jobs across a wide range of work environments. These have included City of Ottawa Libraries, Fleet Mechanics and Water Distribution, sonography clinics, as well as Canadian Blood Services Laboratories, Logistics and Blood Collections Operations.
photo of Susan Gibbons

Susan Gibbons, Associate Consultant

Sue is a graduate of Queen’s University’s School of Rehabilitation Therapy (Physiotherapy). She is a registered physiotherapist, a member of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA). She joined Injury Prevention Plus in 1995. Sue has carried out numerous office assessments and job demands analyses across a broad range of the City of Ottawa sites, local businesses and federal government departments. For the City of Ottawa, Sue has worked closely with OC Transpo Transit Services where she has delivered musculoskeletal injury prevention training, guidance for workplace accommodations and return to work. She is a return to work specialist for a local pharmaceutical company where she is on site weekly assisting with injury prevention and return to work management. She brings a strong background of clinical orthopedic assessment and treatment to the team.

photo of Alana O'Connor

Alana O'Connor, Associate Consultant

Alana is a graduate of Saint Francis Xavier University with a Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology. Prior to joining the IPP team in 2016, she worked in Calgary managing short and long-term disability claims and return to work programs. She was also involved in employee safety training and the implementation of health and safety and environmental policies. Alana’s health and kinesiology background make her a great addition to our team. Since joining IPP, Alana has been conducting office ergonomic assessments for the City of Ottawa, the federal government and the private sector, as well as delivering ergonomics awareness training. Alana is a member of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE).

photo of Katie Smith

Katie Smith, Associate Consultant

Katie is a graduate of Fanshawe College’s Certificate in Advanced Ergonomics Studies program, and holds a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. She is a member of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE). Katie’s kinesiology and ergonomic studies make her a good fit for IPP. Since July 2017, she has been conducting office ergonomic assessments for the City of Ottawa, federal government, and the private sector, as well as Physical Demands Analyses.